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Have fun with a teddy bear!

Have fun with a teddy bear that plays with you! Beautiful graphics and fun interactions will have kids coming back over and over again!

Great interactive book

This book and its companion teddy's night are enduring favorites in my household. My daughter especially loves to see all teddy's antics. The illustrations are beautiful and the interactive elements are really fun. We have had these books for many months but they are ones she keeps coming back to, highly recommended

Loved it!

This book is my 6 year old daughters favorite of the books from this dev. It is the most interactive & entertaining also. I wish all of the books by this dev. were this interactive. We love the "Teddy" books!

Teddy's day

Interactive component totally does not work. Want a refund

No Interactivity!

perhaps this is a fluke but mine has no interactive elements! Help! Money back?

Great app from a great developer

An awesome app from a developer who knows something about customer support. There was a crashing issue with iOS 5 and the developer was right on top of it; even sent out emails to let me know when the fix was sent and approved.

Love all the hidden details

This interactive book has my 3-year-old giggling and coming back again and again. I think he was just over 2 when we first read it. Now he usually runs through the whole thing on his own. The story has lovely Illustrations that jump to life, a sweet little kid's voice that captures little ears, and lots of little interactive elements that invite you to explore, without ever distracting from the story line. The final scene had him giggling so much he almost rolled out of bed. Highly recommended!

Best app book I own

I love both Teddy books, never fails to impress my students, great for building language!


Like it

An Award Winner!!!!

I agree with those who have given this book great accolades. A FANTASTIC book. One of the best book apps. I love it!!!!

Kids love it

A great book.

Great little kids app

A cute story and just a bit of interactions per page. Perfect if you do not mind your little ones falling in love with your iPad

Love it...

Lovely daughter love it...

The boys flip over Teddy

Our 2 & 4 year old grandsons can't wait for me to open up "What does Teddy do" on my I Pad. Cavanbrady

My little girl loves their apps.

My little girl loves their apps.

Love it

My 5 and 2 year olds love it.

Teddy's day is a wonderful book

My granddaughter will love it.

Great app

Love the animation my kids love it.

Lovely book

My 2 1/2 enjoys this books. Hidden treasures on each page. She loves it when the bear hides and pokes his head out from different places in the room. Worth the money.


my 16 month old loves it

Cute and interactive

The story is great, and the animations and other activities in the story are a lot of fun! I wish that there was an option to turn off the voice, although I would like to use it sometimes.

The best!

It's the best story book. It's funny and cute. My 3 year old son loves this interactive book very much, he likes to read it every night. Highly recommended.

Beautifully designed

This app is beautifully designed. I have a one year old and a two year old and they both loved feeling like they are part of the story.

Love it

Super cute story and great interactive!

So much fun! Best interactive children's book available!

My baby loves this book and won't put it down! The little girl's voice is super sweet. There is so much to play in every page. The animation looks good, like oil painting. I have not seen anything similar anywhere else! Only complaints are there are no options to jump to a particular page or to turn off narration. I hope they include such feature in future updates.


In a world ever driven by computers, Teddy's Day combines a wonderful story with brilliant technology guaranteed to entertain kids and adults alike!

What does my Teddy Bear do all day?

In the classic world of bedtime stories, my favorite has been Goodnight Moon. Teddy is a great new way to look at an interactive bedtime story. Much like the picture books with pop-up illustrations, this book also has interactive areas with both picture and sound. There are short interactions with chirping birds, and longer oned with painting and drawing across the screen. Singing and dancing is part of the fun. The story reads to you, but I wish a little lighted guide would help the new reader follow the words with a finger as well. I will certainly recommend this to young readers and those young at heart.

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